Gothenburg calling

We had a slow start in the UK due to our pedals initially being out of sync, but we got of to a good start. The UK was fairly dull but we did find some interesting leafy bits inside the M25 north of London. Essex was not exciting – especially in the rain, but the houses did feature some interesting plaster techniques – a bit like Artex on the walls ! We got the port in good time and queue jumped due to being soaked. We were greeted by the check in lady with ‘Oh you poor things’

After arriving in Esbjerg we tried to get to Legoland but the quantity of cycle routes was quite overwhelming so we stayed on the coast for the first night. Legoland was VERY expensive but it was good and not full of kids at all. We did most of the rides. Ian did the scary rollercoaster (with gritted teeth if the photo is anything to go by) but he drew the line at the robotic arm ride. As we were leaving I managed to trip up a small boy which was a little embarassing – but it was not on purpose, honest.

We started to head north through Viborg (nice cathedral with murals all over the walls inside) and Aalestrup which has the Danish cycle museum. This had an impressive seletion of old bikes, some with optional hand cranking using the handlebars which looked really weird. The next night disaster struck !!! Ian was checking the bike which had been rubbing on the back wheel. We have broken the rear hub which is meant to be bullet proof ! One of the spokes has pulled out (any comments about the load on the back are not welcome). As its a rare part we need to get a repleacement sent from the UK. We are trying to get it sent to Ians family in Finland – hopefully we can get that far OK. So we started heading for bigger towns incases of technical problems. Aalborg was virtually closed on a Sunday. We stopped at Fredrikshavn for a night and got the train to Skagen – most northerly point of Denmark. Danish food speacialities include meatballs in onion gravy and pastries (YUM)

We are now in Gothemburg. We have left our journal at the campsite so I can’t update the daily milage but I know we have done 342 miles in 7 days so far. Which is a bit much really. With all our issues trying to get the new wheel we are ‘internetted out’. We will try and do better next time, probably in Stockholm.