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This website chronicles the tandem expeditions of Ian and Penny, as they cycle across Europe from Slough in the UK.

Ian and Penny will add to the site when they can get internet access on their epic journeys.

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Schwein castle
Schwein castle
Railway Cutting Through Stable Block
Railway Cutting Through Stable Block

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Slough calling !!

We have made it back after 3600 miles / 5800 km – phew. Anyway….back to our last update.

The day in Berlin was an epic in the end. We saw all the sights, East Side gallery paintings on the wall, Bauhaus museum, Schloss Charlottenburg (huge palace with free gardens), Reichstag and the Brandenburg gate. After dashing to the train station for our last connection we missed it by 20 secs.

Odense calling

This is just a quick update as the internet access in Odense tourist info is free, but you have to stand !!

My planning was a little out and we have gone full circle and reached Denmark again a week too early. As a result we are relaxing on the island of Fyn in Odense for a few days. I have just had my first Danish open sandwich – very tasty but small.

Berlin calling

We spent a wet day in Malbork. The Polish can teach us a thing or two about queuing !! We queued for 30 mins in the rain for tickets to Malbork castle, only to get to the audio guide point to find we had the wrong tickets and we could not change them – grrr.